ABA Billing Codes

  • CPT Assistant
  • CPT Code Conversion Table
  • 2019 CPT Codes for Applied Behavior Analysis: Adoption, Interpretation, and Next Steps
  • Interpreting and Applying the 2019 CPT Codes for Adaptive Behavior Services
  • Medically Unlikely Edits: Current Status
  • NCCI Letter Regarding MUEs
  • ADD: Publication of MUE update under Medicaid – requesting (please make placeholder)
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service Final Rule for Adaptive Codes
  • Updated Medically Unlikely Edit (MUE) for 97151 and 373T
  • Video Presentation: New CPT Codes for Adaptive Behavior Services: What ABA Providers Need to Know Slides

Ethical Considerations in Behavior Analysis

  • The Case for Licensure of Applied Behavior Analysts
  • ABAI’s Position Statement on Restraint and Seclusion
  • Values and the Scientific Culture of Behavior Analysis
  • Beyond Values Clarification: Addressing Client Values in Clinical Behavior Analysis
  • Behavior Analyst Certification Board Professional and Ethical Compliance Code
  • Compliance code for QABA- need to request (please make placeholder)
  • Compliance code for BICC

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Behavior Science Blogs

ABAI is pleased to present six blogs authored by leading scholars in our field, all of whom will be regularly sharing research and commentary to provide you with the need-to-know content of how behavior science is changing, or could be changing, our world.

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